Are you planning a trip to Fethiye Turkey? See more of Turkey with a fun and relaxed hiking tour. Your friendly local guide will show you the beauty of the Bohemian countryside on the doorstep of Turkey, Explore the Turkey Fethiye environs on foot, See unique features and visit secret spots.

You’ll be in expert hands while enjoying spectacular scenery, admiring cultural treasures

Please Keep in mind that we have hundreds of different routes available and we are unable to publish them all here. but if you send us an inquiry and let us know about your fitness condition, the distance you would like to walk and whether you would like to walk trail follows the seaside or inland or both. ane leave the rest to us we will create a unique itinerary especially for you and your group status.

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Note: The itinerary is changeable and modifiable as per need and time frame of the party.
Program may change according to weather and road conditions.
Cost will be re-calculated  if the itinerary is changed or modified.
Additional activities may be added as per party members request with appropriate additional cost.
The cost may also be affected due to the requirement of number of guide and auxiliary guide.

 Arrive at Dalaman or Antalya Airport and enjoy your complimentary transfer to you hotel arranger Regarding to the Departure point ( Fethiye – Antalya -Kas- eg)
Meet out reprsentative who will brief you on the walks. ( Self Guided Guest : Maps – Gps Data and Needed Documentation ). A short City Tour


Total Hiking Distance: 15 km Distance From Fethiye to Kayakoy: 10 km Moderated Meeting & Briefing: 08:00 Departure from Fethiye: 08:30 Departure to Fethiye -Kayakoy ( Ghost Town ) Part of the trail, this first part is 10 km. We will follow the forest path and sometimes the main road, give a break at kaya koy. A little About Kayakoy: Kayaköy is an ancient Greek village that was declared a \” World Friendship and Peace Village\” by the UNESCO. It is also known as the “abandoned city” Originally built in the 1700s, the town called Karmylassos in Greek was home to as many as 20,000 Greek Orthodox residents by the early twentieth century. The messy fallout of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire led to the land grabs of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922). After the Greeks had to leave the area during the years 1923-1924, their houses were left abandoned on the hillside because the newly arrived Turkish people did not want to live in them. They instead preferred to settle in the lower part of the valley. Arrival to Ölüdeniz at around 17:00 – 18:00 before heading to Accommodation we will have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful beach and the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Accommodation: in Ölüdeniz or Ovacik Village.

Total Hiking Distance: 17 km Ovacik- Kozagac: 7km With the support of a knowledgeable and passionate team of hosts and guides, discover unforgettable Mediterranean coastline. The trail begins in pine timberland, anyway, the trees will vanish over the long haul for Mediterranean shrubland (the maquis) and the forest track will change into a confined pathway, sectionally cobbled .. With some amazing points of view of the Blue Lagoon to right, you’ll start ascending along the trail which turns and bends for the mountain. After while substantial and shadeless climb which may also seem like it’ll keep going forever, and passing thru the occasional gate carved into rocks blocking the trail, we will arrive the final cistern and a huge tree which provide shades to relaxation. The trail yet again begins rising after the cistern. Around 1 km far from Kozağaç, The trail will subsequently join a wide soil town street and in the wake of turning left while having the full sight of the town of Kozağaç, we’ll touch base in the main wellspring with extremely cool and great tasting water beside the road. Kozagac – Kirme : 5 km The trail will start slowly descending at the exit of Kozağaç towards Kirme. Most of the road between kozagac and kirme is asphalt, first stage of this steep ascent asphalt road is tiresome, passing this 5km distance especially in hot weather is a little bit annoying. Somehow we leave the asphalt road in Kirme and follow the marked trail among the pine trees and rocks. Kirme – Faralya : 5km The trail from Kirme all the way to Faralya will always be descending ( Downhill ) until Faralya. we’ll walk along a little valley with a dry creekbed in the middle and surrounded by fields and orchards, shrubs. Arrival to Faralya : 18:00 / 19:00 Dinner at the hotel’s terrace overlooking to the world-famous Butterfly Valley. Accommodation: Faralya ( Pension )


Total Hiking Distance: 12 km After a great breakfast we will get ready to start today’s hike From Faralya Village to Kabak Bay. Via Butterfly Valley and Aktas Cape. we will follow the route hidden in the forest by maquis and pine trees somehow some places need more attention so please listen to your tea leader carefully. Aktas Cape is where we will stop for almost 2 hr. you can have your lunch before or after the swim in the clear waters ( Pay attention to slippery and sharp rocks ) After the swim and lunch break the trail will take us directly to the Kabak Bay after 2 -3 hrs hiking. we will first go to the Camping ground / Pension after setting up the tents (get the rooms ) than the remaining hours of the day can be spent either on the beach or the swimming pool in the facility. Overnight Accommodation: Kabak


 Like every good thing comes to an end this great activity ends here on the 6th day. we will get a place in the transfer car and drive back to fethiye , after a great breakfast along with marvelous sea view. optionally we can stop on the way to visit some Historical sites.