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FAQs to give you a breath of fresh air

Paragliding, a globally celebrated air sport, boasts a strong safety record. The primary factor contributing to its safety is the wind. It’s crucial to monitor weather conditions and avoid flying when the wind exceeds 20 knots. Equally important is ensuring the equipment is up-to-date and has passed international safety standards like LTF and DHV. Partnering with a seasoned and professional pilot is essential. When these factors align, you’re set for a secure and delightful experience.

Children can start paragliding in Ölüdeniz from the age of 4. Those below 4 years are not permitted to fly. Teenagers under 18 require family consent. Remarkably, there’s no upper age limit!

An Oludeniz paragliding flight typically spans about 30 minutes. Factoring in the 30-minute minibus ride from Ölüdeniz to Babadağ, and time for preparations, set aside roughly 1.5 hours for the entire experience.

Certainly! During your flight, the pilot captures moments with a GoPro and shares them with you immediately afterward. Note: This service comes at an extra cost, which is discussed before take-off.

There are two convenient routes to Babadağ from Ölüdeniz. First, you can hop on a minibus. Fly Infinity ensures a safe commute for pilots and passengers with their minibuses. Alternatively, enjoy a scenic ascent with the newly installed cable car.

If you’re new to paragliding, it’s natural to have questions. Relax, trust your pilot, and follow their instructions. Remember, “jumping” is a misnomer. With the pilot’s guidance, you’ll gently lift off the slope—just remember not to sit until you’re airborne.

Landing in paragliding is smooth. You’ll gracefully touch down, much like a bird, with a team ready to assist you on the ground.

Opt for comfy clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Given Babadağ’s elevation, even summer can feel chilly, so dress accordingly. Avoid tight pants and consider layering based on the season.

Yes, weight plays a role in paragliding safety. Typically, the limit for a single passenger averages between 100-110 kg.

For safety, it’s best to embark on your flight unencumbered. Leave personal items behind.

Fly Infinity offers paragliding sessions at five distinct times: 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, and 17:00. Just ensure you book ahead!

Fethiye Oludeniz welcomes paragliders year-round. The prime months are during the summer, especially July, August, and September. If you plan to soar during this peak period, secure your reservation early.

Paragliding is typically a solo or tandem activity. In Fethiye, the passenger is seated in front, with the pilot behind. Helmets are worn for takeoff and landing but can be removed during the flight. Trios aren’t permissible.

Risk is inherent in any activity. However, with the right precautions, paragliding is safer than many everyday activities, like driving.


  • Each paraglider has its weight limit. On average, including the pilot, passenger, and equipment, it’s about 230 kg. Most companies set the passenger weight between 100-120 kg.


Most paragliding flights range between 20 to 30 minutes.

Due to weight constraints, a maximum of two people can paraglide simultaneously.

All our pilots are professionally trained and experienced. Additionally, we use equipment that has passed international safety tests. Weather conditions, especially wind speed, are closely monitored to ensure safe flying conditions.

No prior experience or training is required for passengers. Before the flight, our pilots will provide a brief orientation and safety guidelines.

Yes, safety is our top priority. If the weather conditions are not conducive to flying, we will reschedule your flight to a suitable time.

While no special gear is required, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Helmets will be provided and are mandatory during take-off and landing.